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We are an active participant in the BLM's Wild horse and Burro adoption program and the Mustang Foudation's Trainer Incentive Program
 and to date have adopted out 15 wild horses.
We are very proud to be invovled in this program which is resposible for the placement of thousands of mustangs into homes across the United States. 
Mustangs are wonderous creatures.  If you have ever had the pleasure of being around one that has not been spoiled by humans, you will know a truly pure spirit and child-like acceptance
 of whatever you try to teach them

All Mustangs we offer for adoption are halter broke.  Some have been hand grazed or even turned out in large paddocks. They have a minimum of 30 days of ground work and are ready to be introduced into
a larger pasture and then to training under saddle.

Horse Adoption fees are $125.00.
These are BLM Mustangs and are subject to all rules and regulations pertaining to the adoption of these horses from any Bureau of Land Management  facility or satelite adoption.
 For more info on minimun requirements for adoption, go to